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Stack3d @ the ’14 Olympia Expo, Champion introduce Turbulence and Syn Matrix 6:5

Champion Performance with two new supplements Turbulence and Syn Matrix 6:5

Champion Performance have done something basically every other less exciting brand has not done today, and that is surprise us. We expected new supplements from a lot of the big names, some from a few little guys and also had a lot of products on our list promised just for the Expo. Champion, someone we didn’t expect anything from, have actually shown up at the event with two, Turbulence and Syn Matrix 6:5. Starting with Turbulence, it is the brand’s new pre-workout formula going 100% transparent packing highlights such as 500mg of agmatine sulfate, 3g citrulline malate and 200mg caffeine anhydrous. As for Syn Matrix you’re looking at what Champion are calling a post-workout concentrate. Featuring a slightly simpler label with an 11.15g mix of whey isolate and leucine and a recovery blend of carnitine l-tartrate, HICA and BioPerine black pepper extract. We will do our best to try and post up Turbulence’s full label later, as for Syn Matrix 6:5 the ingredients mentioned are all that is in it.