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Controlled Lab’s women’s line now available, first to stock Gym Angel

Controlled Labs launched new women's based Gym Angel

Gym Angel is a new female marketed range of supplements coming from one of the most well known brands in the game. Controlled Labs is the company behind Gym Angel who have now launched their full range of products. In total the brand have got six supplements, seeing Controlled’s spin off head in to all the usual categories. Energy Angel is the line’s pre-workout, Sweet Angel the protein powder, Vita Angel the multi-vitamin. The fatty acid formula Omega Angel, the fat burner Slim Angel and last but not least the detox product Pure Angel. For more information on all six, you can visit Gym Angel’s website or actually head on over to, one the line’s first distributors. The popular online retailer do now have all of Controlled’s women’s supplements in stock, with just the one item over $25 the pre-workout Energy Angel.

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