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Controlled Labs introduce another basic, STIMino makes it seven for Elements Series

Controlled Labs make it 7 for their Elements Series with STIMino

Following on from their spree of individual ingredient products with CREAmore and CARNmore, Controlled Labs have revealed yet another basic formula. The title of what will be the brand’s seventh Elements Series supplement is STIMino, still a basic product but with a little more than just one feature. The latest from Controlled appears to have been designed as a straightforward energy complex, intended for use by itself as a cost effective pre-workout solution or stacked with other caffeine free supplements. To help deliver it’s performance and reinforce it’s presumably simple goals Controlled have packed STIMino with just four ingredients, all transparently dosed with 125mg of caffeine, 1g of taurine, 1.5g of betaine anhydrous and 2.5g of leucine. At the moment none of the brand’s stockists appear to be listing the product, Controlled however do already have it on sale direct from their website. The cost for purchasing straight from the brand is as you’d expect quite high at $58.99 for 60 servings, a value any Controlled retailer is likely to destroy when STIMino makes it’s way out.

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