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EPIQ not done with the creatine category, HCl formula Strength joined by 5 form Creatine-X5

EPIQ re-enter the creatine category with their five form Creatine-X5

EPIQ have already reveled a number of new supplements recently going mass protein with Gainer and stimulant free pre-workout with Power SF. The brand have now named a third new supplement, seeing them head back into a category they are currently in. The product is Creatine-X5 which as you could probably guess, is a five form creatine formula. Per serving the supplement packs a 1.9g proprietary made up of creatine monohydrate, nitrate, MagnaPower, phosphate, and the form EPIQ use in Strength, creatine HCl. On top of the five creatines the brand have also thrown in a second 575mg blend to help with creatine uptake relying on fenugreek, russian tarragon and prickly pear extract. In total EPIQ have squeezed 60 servings into each bottle of the product, instructing the use of two per day making Creatine-X5 a 30 day formula. Like with every other EPIQ supplement, the brand’s latest is only available from it’s exclusive retailers, one of which already has Creatine-X5 in stock with GNC now listing it for $49.99.

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