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Mass Gainer like Gainer set for the US, Epiq follow up 3X Lean Muscle with mass protein

Epiq's Mass Gainer like Gainer revealed and detailed

Following yesterday’s reveal of a new supplement from Epiq with the Peak ATP formula 3X Lean Muscle. The athlete based brand have unveiled yet another new product for the week, one some may notice looks a little familiar. The latest from Epiq is the straightforwardly titled Gainer, a “pure isolate clear gainer matrix”. Not to be confused with the internationally released Mass Gainer, despite having almost identical intentions and contents. As for the features in Epiq’s US mass protein, per 222g four scoop serving Gainer lists 60g of protein, 138g of carbohydrates (7g sugar, 3g fiber), 2.5g of fat (0.5g saturated), with almost a gram of sodium and 810 calories. Outside of the usual numbers, to help Gainer stand out that little bit more Epiq have also added in 100mg of digestive enzymes, an above average 10g of creatine monohydrate, as well as use hydrolyzed beef, whey, hydrolyzed whey, and whey isolate as the supplement’s protein sources. Like yesterday’s 3X Lean Muscle, Gainer has yet to be added to Epiq’s website but is expected to be arriving sometime soon at the brand’s exclusive retailers.

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