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MTS makes it’s into another big retailer, Lobliner’s full range now available at A1

MTS Nutrition now available at A1 Supplements

Marc Lobliner’s MTS Nutrition already has presence in a lot of big locations, being stocked by places such as Muscle & Fitness and the home of MTS Tiger Fitness. Being a top quality brand it’s no surprise that they just continue to grow and spread with MTS now available in yet another big retailer. The store that has just signed on is A1 Supplements who are currently listing Drop Factor, Machine Greens + Multi, Barracuda, Clash, Macrolution. The powerfully popular Machine Whey, and the intra-workout Machine Fuel in it’s regular 30 and massive 95 serving tubs. For those wondering if the new stockist is worthwhile visiting, A1 actually only have one product priced quite nicely. Most of the MTS supplements are valued quite similar or more expensive compared to Muscle & Strength and Tiger Fitness, with just the one saving you money, Lobliner’s meal replacement Macrolution.

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