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Latest from Lobliner Machine Uptake, MTS digestive and probiotic formula now on sale

MTS Nutrition reveal and release their new digestive and probiotic formula Machine Uptake

On most occasions we see Marc Lobliner talk or tease his next supplement release. Today he has surprisingly gone ahead both revealed and launched a brand new product, increasing his already very ranged MTS Nutrition line by one. The name of the new supplement is Machine Uptake, best described by the line on it’s bottle ‘the ultimate digestive enzyme and probiotic blend’. The latest MTS formula has been designed to help you digest food as well as aid in nutrient uptake. Per bottle the product packs 60 chocolate wafer flavored servings, with each chewie squeezing in a 250mg probiotic proprietary, 375mg enzyme blend and 12mg of stevia leaf. As mentioned the new MTS Nutrition supplement has not only been unveiled but also gone on sale today. Machine Uptake can now be purchased from Marc Lobliner’s store Tiger Fitness for the small price of $19.99, with the product expected to be hitting other MTS stockists soon.

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