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Lobliner’s first fruity effort launched, banana cream pie makes it 7 for Machine Whey

Marc Lobliner launches MTS Nutrition's seventh Machine Whey

When Marc Lobliner originally announced that he had something never done before in terms of protein powder, he also mentioned the coming of a second flavor. While the industry first no bake cookie MTS Nutrition Machine Whey did go on sale late last month, it did so without banana cream pie, Lobliner’s first fruity taste. Around two and a half weeks later Machine Whey’s seventh has now finally arrived and gone on sale at the home of MTS Nutrition, Tiger Fitness. The popular product’s new flavor has unfortunately not brought with it any kind of special or promotion like no bake cookie did back on Labor Weekend. However as mentioned being Lobliner’s first go at something fruity, it may be just what you’re looking for if you are after a bit of change.

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