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Mutated pre-workout not as exciting as hoped, Crack3d’s rather anticlimactic formula found

Mutated Nation's Crack3d formula hunted down and not very exciting

Crack3d, the new pre-workout from the brand you would probably recognize better as the makers of Albuterx, was recently launched down under without it’s facts panel. Mutated Nation have been promoting the product as the best thing since DMAA, a bold call seeing as they weren’t quite ready to show off what is in the supplement. Seeing as we’re not in the area and couldn’t purchase a tub to get the details, we had to go on a bit of a hunt. All the excitement being put around Crack3d aside, as well as it’s fellow Australian competitor UPS Crazy, looking very good and also being promoted as a DMAA like. Mutated’s latest supplement doesn’t appear to be anything special, or even close to what UPS have put together despite being similarly advertised. We managed to track down the formula discovering a straightforward complex made up of beta-alanine, creatine HCl, leucine, citrulline malate, caffeine, agmatine, n-methyl-tyramine, picamilon, octopamine and synephrine. While it will most likely provide a solid pre-workout performance, it doesn’t look like something we’re going to make the effort to get a hold of, or feel backs up Mutated’s confident claims.

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