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Another GNC exclusive Nutrex supplement, Adipomed looking at lot like Adipodex

Another GNC exclusive Nutrex supplement spotted Adipomed

Following the spotting of Nutrex’s GNC exclusive supplement Alpha3, the triple anabolic formula. Another product has surfaced also confirmed as a GNC exclulsive, coming by the name of Adipomed. The supplement has been seen promoted as a 45 day supply super thermogenic, carrying the short description ‘powerful weight loss sensation’. While nothing appears to be out of place on the face of the product, it is it’s similarities to Nutrex’s other Black Series supplement Adipodex that makes it a little strange. Both fat burners are nicknamed super thermogenics, list 45 days supply and described the same, with the differences being a potency highlight and bottle size as Adipomed is twice that of Adipodex at 90 capsules. Without any more information we can’t quite give a definitive answer as to what majorly separates the two. It will however be very interesting to find out, as Adipomed makes Nutrex the only brand we know of with two thermogenic formulas.

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