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PhD Woman’s gets a sixth, Greens & Berries exactly as it’s titled

PhD Woman introduces their seventh supplement Greens & Berries

Initially we weren’t impressed with PhD Nutrition’s female range PhD Woman. The main reason behind the disgust was the fact that they pulled a bit of a Fitmiss move, copying over some regular PhD formulas, lowering the amount of servings and calling them something else. With all that said, PhD Woman’s latest is a little bit different, an entirely new supplement named Greens & Berries. The product is basically just as it’s titled, a greens and berries formula also featuring a total of 24 vitamins and minerals. As for the total amount of ingredients relating to the title of PhD Woman’s latest, the supplement packs a total of 16 greens and berries with the likes of spirulina, goji berry, blueberry, spinach leaf and broccoli. If you are interested in picking up the brand’s new product, today’s reveal has also come with a launch. The supplement is already on sale direct from PhD Woman’s website for £29.99, where you can also use the coupon code ‘GREENSBERRIES25’ for an introductory 25% off.

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