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Green Tea X50 makers going premixed, Skinny Protein RTD confirmed for sometime this week

Tribeca Health confirm a premixed Skinny Protein coming this week

Back at the Australian FileX Fitness Expo in early April we were introduced to at the time, a single supplement brand by the name of Tribeca Health with Green Tea X50. At the event we did see a couple of products in promotional material that weren’t on display with Skinny Protein and bottled Green Tea X50s. Between now and then the brand have launched Skinny Protein and confirmed that the premixed Green Tea X50 was just for show. Tribeca have however now confirmed the release of something for this week that we did not know was coming, a Skinny Protein RTD. Without any kind of facts panel we don’t how similar it is to the original. Although it would be good to assume Skinny Protein’s key highlights have remained consistent with low GI, carbohydrates, gluten and fat. As mentioned Tribeca are teasing this one for launch this week, warning fans to keep an eye on the brand’s direct store or local stockist.

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