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Closer look at two of Beast’s new basics Glutamine and CLA 1250

Closer look at two of Beast's new basics, Glutamine and CLA 1250

At the Olympia Expo back in September we saw a lot of new supplements including a surprise new line up from Beast Sports. Alongside all their usual products we spotted a number of individual formulas with Glutamine, CLA 1250, BCAA 5:1:4 and Fish Oil. While we didn’t manage to get close enough to confirm what is in each of Beast’s basic efforts, we can now tell you that at least one of them is a little more complex than expected. The formula behind the recovery individual Glutamine has been revealed going with a four form 300g unflavored tub. Each serving of the supplement comes in at 5g working out to be a total of 60 servings, using the glutamine forms glutamic acid, AKG, l-alanyl, and regular l-glutamine. Another Beast basic we’ve got a closer look at is CLA 1250, although that one is exactly what we thought it would be with 1,250mg of safflower oil per softgel, with 90 gels per bottle. Both of those two have now been launched making their way out to stores, and are expected to soon be followed by Beast’s other individuals BCAA and Fish Oil.

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