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Updated Aggro ingredients confirmed, Chaos and Pain already on to Cannibal Ferox 3.0

Chaos and Pain, one of the many brand’s previously using the controversial ingredient AMP Citrate, have confirmed their actions following last week’s drama around the stimulant. While we have been contacted by a lot of brands about what they are going to do, Chaos and Pain appear to be the quickest to act. The brand are officially going to be removing the ingredient from all of their current and future formulas, which does mean a different profile for the upcoming Aggro. As mentioned Chaos and Pain are the quickest to act, already confirming the new contents of their first Pwnd Gamerz product. Basically n-acetyl tyrosine, oxiracetam, picamilon and Noopept have all been kept the same. With alpha GPC getting 50mg more, agmatine sulfate introduced at 700mg, and caffeine split into three forms, anhydrous at 100mg, and 50mg each of malate and citrate. To add to the update with something not nearly as detailed, Chaos and Pain have told us their pre-workout Ferox is not just going to have it’s AMP citrate removed. Apparently they do already have a Cannibal Ferox 3.0 in the tank and it is better than ever. Unfortunately we don’t have an exact arrival time on that one, but when the sequel does make it’s way out. Chaos and Pain will take the record for most reformulations in such a short amount of time with three versions produced in just over a year.

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