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Venture Bar by the colorful Controlled Labs coming January 2015

Yesterday Controlled Labs made a very sneaky, yet rather important announcement. The colorful brand unveiled a new supplement going by the name Venture Bar. To go with the preview Controlled also linked in a website, where you can see the teaser ‘coming January 2015’. Despite the high protein snack coming from and being revealed by the one and only Controlled Labs. The bar will in fact be launched separate from the their regular range, falling under a sub brand by the same name as the supplement, Venture Bar. While we the edible product’s macros have been kept facing the other, Controlled have confirmed one thing outside of the few highlights seen on Venture Bar’s label. As well as being high in protein and fiber, the snack’s one known flavor coconut almond delight is going to be joined by two others on release. Being that we are at most three months away from launch, it is no surprise that Controlled have not said what either of those other two tastes are. As we now look forward to more information, the build up begins to what will actually be Controlled Lab’s first edible effort.

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