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Nutrition facts confirmed for Giant’s record breaking 1,361 calorie Muscle Maker

Nutrition facts confirmed for Giant's record breaking 1,361 calorie Muscle Maker

Giant Sports said they were doing a mass protein powder back at the FileX earlier in the year, which we have now finally got a bit of a look at. We knew the brand were going to be doing a big one, and that is exactly what they’ve done with Muscle Maker. To be honest we haven’t seen numbers this high since the introduction of Gaspari’s 1,230 calorie Real Mass Probiotic from a couple years back. Starting off with Muscle Maker’s giant two scoop serving size we have a weight of 335g. The important numbers making up those two 167.5g scoops are 51g of protein, 9g of fat (3.8g saturated), an incredible 269g of carbohydrates (22g sugar, 7.5g fiber), rounding off with a calorie count of 1,361. While we aren’t claiming to know every mass protein on the market, the one holding the record for us with the most calories was previously MuscleMaxx’s Mass Gainer at 1,326. Giant have obviously beaten that by 35 calories with the thanks mostly going to Muscle Maker’s carbohydrate total. In terms of options fans are going to have two sizes to choose from with a 6 and 12lb in chocolate and vanilla. Unfortunately the brand’s Australasian distributor is the only one getting both sizes, with just the 8 serving 6lber set for the US. At the moment we don’t have an exact launch date for Muscle Maker, although if it’s anything like Delicious Casein those down under are likely to get it before anyone else.

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