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More information on iSatori’s January 5th supplement releases

Yesterday a promotional image surfaced from iSatori, featuring the line ‘the new after arrives’ along with the date January the 5th 2015. The last time we saw something like this from the brand they were building up to the now widely known bio-active Bio-Gro. With absolutely no details to go off other than the four words and date, we did let our imaginations run wild on what kind of product iSatori have coming. Yesterday however the brand did give us a tweet, dropping just a few words to get everyone a little more excited. Apparently iSatori actually have two new supplements on the way, claiming once again that the industry is about to change. While we don’t quite feel the brand delivered on that promise with Bio-Gro, we’re definitely interested in seeing what iSatori have put together this time around. The brand are also saying ‘your body will never look or train the same again’, which to us suggests a pre-workout and possibly a fat burner, post-workout, or something entirely new altogether. The fact that iSatori’s energizer PWR is quite old certainly increases the chance of a pre-workout, and as for that second one it could really be a number of things. No doubt more information is lined up to drop over the next couple of months, with the countdown clock now at 66 days.

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