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Minor changes to MTS Nutrition website may go unnoticed by fans

Marc Lobliner makes some minor changes to his MTS Nutrition website

Rounding out the news for today is a development with Marc Lobliner and his now internationally distributed brand MTS Nutrition. After months of introducing new flavors and supplements, the latest with Lobliner is actually to do with his website as it has received a bit of a makeover. While there wasn’t exactly anything wrong with’s previous version, as it was almost perfect as far as providing information goes. So little has been changed, fans probably won’t notice too much of a difference. The links are all there, products are the same, even some of the images have just been resized. There are a few things on the website that may need fixing for example social media links, all in all though it just seems like a simpler version of what it was. Feel free to go check it out at, although make sure you save some of that MTS support for the upcoming Protein Wars, where Lobliner’s Machine Whey will be looking to go one place higher than last year.

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