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Six new products from Gifted Nutrition, Amino Zzz not as exciting as we had hoped

Gifted Nutrition launch six new products including the hyped Amino Zzz

With most of their promotion and advertising suggesting we were in for BYLT before anything else, Gifted Nutrition have launched six new products before the stackable pre-workout. Five out of the six items have all been mentioned before, with four of the five being individual ingredient formulas. Now available direct from the brand’s website, at the moment the best place to get Gifted supplements, we have Creatine, Colostrum, Glutamine and BCAA. By the looks of things the brand have packed out these tubs with Creatine and Glutamine weighing in at 500g, Colostrum at 300g and BCAA at 600g. The tricky thing is, we’re not sure on Glutamine and BCAA as their weights are based on servings and scoop size, despite both listing 360g on their bottles. Moving on to number five from Gifted we have a 6lb tub size of the protein powder ISO Whey, although this one also has something strange going on. It is being promoted as a 6lb tub, however it only has 70 servings, just over double that of the 2.6lb, which is far less than half it’s size. They key seems to be that the serving size is different by about 3g, with nothing changing as far as nutrition goes, or at least for the chocolate. Last but not least we have Amino Zzz, a product we thought might be a little unique. Surprisingly all Gifted have put in the sleep aid amino is a 13g blend of glutamine, lysine, arginine, glycine and ornithine. While we’re not arguing the combinations efficacy, it’s certainly not the GABA, melatonin or even tryptophan infused formula we were expecting. For those that are interested in any of the latest from Gifted, they are now all in stock on the brand’s website with the bigger ISO Whey in it’s usual four flavors, and Amino Zzz the only other flavored supplement in berry blast.

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