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At least one more supplement coming from Myokem before the year is out

Myokem confirm another new supplement for 2014 due next motnh

The increasingly popular Myokem have more than established themselves here in 2014 launching with the pre-workout Nitramine. Then furthering their reputation with the top five fat burner Pyroxamine, and arguably the muscle builder of the year Magnitropin. While it seems like every release from Myokem goes on to be a hit, the brand are apparently not quite done for the year. Myokem have confirmed that next month they will be taking their range to a total of five, launching another new supplement. Nothing outside of the fact that it’s a new product has been revealed, although we can assume a few things. Based on their current selection we know the brand aren’t likely to be doing a pre-workout unless it’s a reformulation. We can also say a fat burner or muscle builder is not as much of a possibility, thanks to Pyroxamine, Magnitropin and Alphadex. At this point our guess is as good as yours, but to add just that little bit more excitement to it all when we asked Myokem if the next release was their last for the year, they did not say no.

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