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Pre-ordering for Prime Nutrition’s first Platinum Series supplement opening tomorrow

Prime Nutrition to launch their first Platinum Series supplement Intra-MD

Prime Nutrition fans may want to get their wallets ready for tomorrow as the brand have set a release for their first Platinum Series supplement. The line that we first got wind of back at the Olympia, where it was confirmed to be coming with five products, is about to go live with Intra-MD. The intra-workout formula developed by one of Prime’s most notable athletes Johns Meadows, has been worked on and talked about over the past few months. The supplement has had so much interest built up around it that even without a facts panel it’s contents have unofficially been named. Expected to be making up the formula are four main features, EAAs, citrulline malate, highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD) and electrolytes. Exact doses should no doubt be confirmed tomorrow with it’s launch, where Prime are going to open up for pre-orders. We are unsure of exactly where all this is going to go down, although seeing as the brand do have a store on their website we’re going to assume that’ll be the place to go.

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