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Label front preview of Prime Nutrition’s first Platinum Series supplement Intra-MD

Prime Nutrition show off their first Platinum Series label Intra-MD

From word of mouth to beta testing, and now a preview we have finally got somewhat of a look at Prime Nutrition’s talked about intra-workout supplement. We first got wind of this thing back at the Olympia Expo when news broke of a fourth line from the brand called the Platinum Series. A total of five products are expected to be in the line, of which we know the categories of four, a thermogenic, multi-vitamin, protein powder and the one we’re seeing more of today, an intra-workout. The latter has now been shown off in a label preview using it’s official title Intra-MD, subtitled by Mountain Dog the nickname of the Prime athlete behind the formula. While the first look at the supplement doesn’t reveal anything outside the front of it’s label, we do get two details. They aren’t much but we now know one flavor of Intra-MD orange carnage, and it’s tub weight of just over 3lbs, working out to be around 48g a serving if we’re looking at 30 a bottle. As far as it’s arrival goes we are still left with the classic ‘coming soon’ making it at the moment anyone’s guess.

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