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First Prime Nutrition Platinum product Intra-MD now available for pre-order

Prime Nutrition now taking pre-orders for their first Platinum product Intra-MD

As promised Prime Nutrition have come through on the launch of their first Platinum Series supplement Intra-MD. Over the weekend it was announced that the product would be available for pre-order today, and despite already knowing much of what’s in the formula, get a complete look at it’s facts panel. The previously revealed features can now be confirmed at exactly 32g of high branched cyclic dextrin, 2g each of taurine and citrulline malate, 1g glutamine, and 9.6g of EAAs with 4.5g of that BCAAs. Prime have introduced Intra-MD at $59.99 for a 30 serving tub, with just the one flavor to choose from in orange carnage. For the pre-order the brand have only produced 1,000 tubs, making it a rather limited opportunity especially with all the attention and momentum the supplement has. To take advantage of the pre-order and secure yourself one of the 1,000 Intra-MDs, Prime’s direct store is the place to go, with the product set to be shipped just over two weeks from now on Wednesday the 29th.

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