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Save 20% when pre-ordering Prime Nutrition’s new Platinum Series supplement Intra-MD

Save 20% when pre-ordering Prime Nutrition's new Platinum Series supplement Intra-MD

On Monday Prime Nutrition followed through on their promise of launching their first Platinum Series supplement. The product that became available for pre-order was none other than the Mountain Dog formulated Intra-MD, the peri-workout supplement that has created quite the buzz about itself. Prime’s Intra-MD officially went on sale with a price of $59.99, dropped $20 down from it’s original cost of $79.99. The reason we’re bringing Intra-MD back up today is because on Monday the brand said they had only produced 1,000 bottles of the product for their pre-order. That number has fallen all the way down to around 100 tubs, with a voucher now also on offer encouraging people to take advantage of the introductory Intra-MD promotion. While the coupon would have come in handy on Monday for those who already secured themselves a tub or two, if you order the supplement using the code ‘GYM240‘ you will get yourself a nice 20% discount. The voucher drops Intra-MD down under the $50 mark to $47.99, making the latest from Prime that much more attractive. For those ordering keep in mind the product won’t be shipping until Wednesday October 29th, which is now less than two weeks away.

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