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Ronnie’s flavored Stacked-N.O. and Beta-Stim spotted in familiar flavors

Ronnie Coleman's flavored Stacked-N.O. and Beta-Stim pictured

It has been quite the week for Ronnie Coleman’s Signature Series, with his new beef protein King Beef previewed, as well as a second size and three more flavors for his isolate ISO-Tropic Max. While it is exciting to see new things, especially when they’re being confirmed as good to go and on their way out to stockists. We can’t help but think about the products Ronnie has promised in the past with still no update on the three new flavors for his mainstream protein powder Pro-Antium. Putting that one aside for a second, a few months back there was also news of flavored versions of both Stacked-N.O. and Beta-Stim. It is those two that we have now finally got a look at, making them a lot more official than when they were just being talked about. The two can be seen in the picture above with Stacked taking a page out of Amino-Tone’s book using cherry limeade, and Beta-Stim a page from Resurrect-P.M. with strawberry watermelon. The image doesn’t unfortunately give us any indication as to how far away the duo are. Although when they do eventually get here they will make Ronnie Coleman’s Signature Series one of the few, if not the only brand with every supplement flavored.