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Supplement #10 for Ronnie Coleman confirmed with the beef protein King Beef

Ronnie Coleman previews supplement number 10 King Beef

Ronnie Coleman’s Signature Series is about to get it’s first new supplement in quite a while. The last time the brand were added to we saw a handful of products introduced with Beta-Stim, Amino-Tone and King Mass XL. Since then which was about a year ago, it’s been the promise and release of flavors, sizes and for some alternate forms. Ronnie has now confirmed what will be supplement number ten for his Signature Series with King Beef. At this stage not much has been said about the product with it’s name and hashtags being all that we have. While it isn’t a lot of information to go off, King Beef and it’s tags #BeefSwellington #TyrannosaurusFlex and #SteakAndBrotatoes are more than enough to confirm this one as a beef isolate protein. Being a formula of this type it’s highly likely the menu is going to be a little different to that of your usual protein powder, with the one pictured being a great example in what looks to be tropical punch. We can only hope more details are due to follow, especially since we are still waiting on Ronnie’s other three Pro-Antium flavors.