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Ronnie confirms rough arrivals for new products, flavored Stacked N.O. and Beta-Stim due later this month

Ronnie Coleman reveals arrival times for Pro-Antium flavors and powder variants

Earlier in the year we saw a number of updates from Ronnie Coleman’s Signature Series, seeing flavored versions of the brand’s pill products Beta-Stim and Stacked-N.O. confirmed. As well as three new tastes for the protein powder Pro-Antium revealed and teased for release. While it has been around three months since the mention of the new supplement variants, Ronnie has dropped an update confirming rough arrivals for all the items. Starting with the pill products, the flavored Beta-Stim and Stacked-N.O. are expected to be on shelves by the end of the month. As for chocolate banana, cookies ‘n’ cream and peanut butter cookie Pro-Antium. The trio are aiming for a little bit later, intending to double the product’s menu sometime in August. The launches may be a couple weeks a part, but by the looks of things Signature Series fans should have all the new flavors to play around with come late August early September.