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First of two Signature Series pill to powder transformations surfaces at Tiger Fitness

It was just a couple of weeks ago that we finally got a look at Ronnie Coleman’s two complex capsule supplements in powder form. Both Beta-Stim and Stacked-N.O. were promised the transformation quite some time a go, with the latter being the first flavored one out of the gate. The pump product of the two has found it’s way to Tiger Fitness, who are listing the powder variant a few bucks cheaper than the original capsule Stacked. With the surfacing of the supplement has also come a look at it’s formula, which is in fact identical to the pill going ingredient for ingredient and dose for dose. The last bit of information we have on Ronnie’s latest product is it’s menu, seeing the previously previewed cherry limeade joined by the Resurrect PM and soon to be Beta-Stim flavor, strawberry watermelon. For now it is just Tiger Fitness from what we can see listing the Signature Series variant, valued at $29.99 and expected to be in stock soon with a free Ronnie Coleman Rick Gainz tee.