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Facts panel of Scitec Nutrition’s fifth WOD Crusher Balanced Recovery released

Scitec Nutrition release the facts panel for their fifth WOD Crusher Balanced Recovery

We did say that the next time we had an update on Scitec Nutrition’s new WOD Crusher Balanced Recovery, we would be seeing it’s official facts panel. The brand have indeed released the product’s label confirming exactly what we suspected, a massive 70g post-workout serving. We did already know Scitec had included uncertain doses of complex carbohydrates and hydrolyzed protein. With the panel now revealed we can tell you those are actually 20.4g of protein listing whey hydrolysate and isolate as sources, and 39.3g of carbohydrates made up of maltodextrin, Palatinose and highly branched cyclic dextrin. As for the excitement of what else might be in the supplement, it turns out the only other features in Balanced Recovery are 500mg of taurine, 200mg vitamin C, 200mg Bromelain digestive enzyme and a 760mg electrolyte complex. Seeing as we got all the flavors named yesterday, there is nothing else to say except to look out for Scitec’s fifth WOD Crusher formula in stores soon.

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