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Menu and some contents confirmed for Scitec’s WOD Crusher Balanced Recovery

Scitec Nutrition confirm protein and carbs as well as the menu for Balanced Recovery

When we introduced Scitec Nutrition’s first addition to their Crossfit targeted WOD Crusher series, we had very little information to go off. The name Balanced Recovery was basically all that really said anything, with it’s tub weight suggesting we’re in for a 70g serving. While we are still short on an official facts panel, we now know the Scitec supplement does feature an unknown dose of complex carbohydrates and hydrolyzed protein. The brand have also been nice enough to confirm the flavors for the fifth WOD formula, with a total of three tastes revealed for Balanced Recovery, piƱa colada, strawberry cream and chocolate hazelnut. Next up we we’re hoping for a full breakdown of the product’s contents in the form of a label, which we do expect to see sooner rather than later. With that said Scitec fans do really have nothing to be upset about, as Big Bang 3.0 and Mastodon should be more than enough to keep everyone satisfied.

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