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Scitec’s Mastodon to feature just phosphaditic acid at 750mg a serving

Initially Scitec Nutrition’s Mastodon was said to be quite a while a way, especially since our first look at the supplement was in a sample bottle. We did later find out that the muscle builder was set to feature phosphaditic acid, an ingredient that has become increasingly popular over the past few months. We have now got an update on the upcoming Scitec product confirming something, that from what we heard wasn’t going to be the case. It turns out phosphaditic acid is indeed going to be the only ingredient in Mastodon, with what looks to be 250mg per capsule. While we did think the weight on the front of the supplement may have had some relation to the product and it’s dose, it turns out Scitec have gone with a three a pill serving totaling the exact dose seen in JISSN’s study on phosphaditic acid. Along with the reveal of Mastodon’s lonely contents list, we have also got a peek at it’s final packaging, which at least makes it look like the supplement is all good to go.

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