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Phosphatidic acid confirmed as major feature in Scitec’s upcoming muscle builder Mastodon

Scitec Nutrition's Mastodon confirmed a phosphatidic acid formula

Details have surfaced of the exact contents of Scitec Nutrition’s upcoming muscle builder Mastodon. At the moment the brand have still yet to make or announce anything official, however we have managed to get a small glimpse of it’s label. Originally we only had the supplement’s effects to go off, with Scitec promoting increases in muscle size and strength. We can now tell you that the ingredient the brand will be relying on to deliver those effects is increasingly popular phosphatidic acid. You may recognize the feature from another new product, as it is the center of attention in EPIQ’s ingredient titled Phosphatidic Acid. While we haven’t been able to get a complete look at Mastodon’s label, enough to confirm an official dose. We know each bottle of the supplement packs 90 capsules with a total weight of 59.2g. If we’re doing rough math that’s around 657mg a pill, adding up to 1.97g per serving, if we assume those 90 capsules are intended to be a 30 days supply. We don’t expect too much more information from Scitec on this one, aside from the exact PA dose per serving. Regardless of whatever it turns out to be, it is exciting to see the ingredient get some focus all the way out in Europe as it is beginning to show up more and more here in the US.

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