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Scitec Nutrition’s upcoming Mastodon promising increased muscle size and strength

Scitec Nutrition's upcoming Mastodon currently in testing

Scitec Nutrition have confirmed their next new product after news of the first addition to their Crossfit supplement line, WOD Crusher’s Balanced Recovery. The next innovation from the European company is called Mastodon, although at the moment unlike Balanced Recovery is only in it’s testing stages. Seeing as the product is at such an early point, there is of course no information about what’s in the formula, just a short description and it’s category. Mastodon is going to officially enter on Scitec’s muscle building list, being promoted as a ‘muscle size and strength booster’. As for the short description on the supplement, it’s been confirmed that Mastodon will have one major ingredient to help deliver it’s promise of size and strength, with an unknown amount of other components supporting it. Release time at this point is uncertain, more so as this is the first time we’ve heard anything about a Scitec product at it’s testing stage.

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