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Head Crusher Series suggested on sample of Scitec’s upcoming Slap

Head Crusher series suggested with Scitec Slap sample

With what has been a flurry of new products from Scitec Nutrition, one unreleased with the phosphatidic acid formula Mastodon. As well as the two now out and about, the WOD Crusher Balanced Recovery and sequel Big Bang 3.0. An image of a sample of another new supplement from the European company has surfaced, seeing the brand head back into the area of pre-workouts. Looking at the packet you can see the title of the formula is Slap, with the pink grapefruit flavored powder weighing in at 5g. The subtitle on the sample says ‘stimulant pre-workout booster’, matching up nicely with the name of the product. While we can only gather so much about the supplement and it’s contents looking at it’s front, there is one more thing on the sachet worth pointing out. The logo and branding that the packet has, along with what looks like a series title ‘Head Crusher’, hints at the possibility of Slap introducing a new line. From what we know this one is quite some time away, but if does prove to be part of a new series, would make it Scitec’s third line outside of their regular range.

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