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More flavors and details confirmed for Betancourt’s upcoming Beef Standard

More flavors and details confirmed for Betancourt's upcoming Beef Standard

Betancourt Nutrition’s The Beef Standard was unveiled just two days ago and has now had a bit more information released. Previously all we knew about the supplement was that it used BeefISO hydrolyzed beef protein as it’s one and only source, and listed a whole lot of added benefits such as zero gluten, collagen and sugar. Adding to that long list of highlights we now know that per serving Betancourt’s Beef Standard will be packing 24g of protein, as previously mentioned zero fat, no word on carbohydrates and 3g of creatine. Also to add to the product’s promoted bonuses is the brand’s confident claim of no amino spiking. Seeing as there is creatine in the supplement, it wouldn’t be to out there for one to suspect it, but Betancourt do seem certain that none of that is going on. To round out the update originally there was just the one Beef Standard flavor we knew of, with the appropriately titled prime vanilla. Apparently fans will actually have two more options to choose from come launch day, as prime vanilla will be joined by another classic in prime chocolate, and a slightly less common cinnamon swirl.

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