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BSN’s Whey DNA not a badly priced 25 serving whey protein

BSN's Whey DNA not a badly priced 25 serving whey protein

Most of the time when a brand says their supplement will be available before a certain date, usually it’s on that day or sometimes even after that it’s actually released. BSN have surprisingly done quite a bit better, launching their first two DNA Series products about a week before they were expected. It is the first formula that we got a look at and one of their more common individuals that fans can now purchase, the one and only protein powder in BSN’s new line Whey DNA and Creatine DNA. The supplements as promised have been released at, going on sale in each of their one sizes, with Whey DNA in all of it’s three flavors vanilla cream, milk chocolate and strawberry cream. The one last detail that the BSN launch has confirmed and something we have been waiting on is the price of Whey DNA, which have set at $26.99. While the product is a 25 serving 1.8lb not the usual 2lb, to put it’s value in perspective compared to Cellucor’s similar size Cor-Performance Whey, Whey DNA will save you just over 2% per serving of 25g of protein. With two of the six BSN DNA supplements now available, we do have just four to come, CLA, Fish Oil, Glutamine and Carnitine, all expected to be hitting sometime next week.

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