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Whey DNA first supplement to be seen from BSN’s simple series

Whey DNA first supplement to be seen from BSN's simple series

The first supplement from BSN’s long-awaited DNA Series has finally been unveiled. Whey DNA is the product we’ve got eyes on, presumably the protein powder the brand were referring to back at the Olympia. As we mentioned yesterday in the big Purus Lab’s reveal of their first ever protein powder MyoFeed. With so much drama going on right now in terms of amino spiking, it wouldn’t be wise for any brand to launch a protein listing any added aminos. BSN have indeed avoided that whole issue fitting Whey DNA with a clean amino free formula packing 24g of protein (concentrate, isolate), 3 to 5g of carbohydrates (1g sugar), 1g of fat (0.5g saturated) and 120 to 130 calories. Compared to the brand’s iconic Syntha-6, we are looking at a very different kind of protein powder from BSN, seeing them stay true to their word on the DNA Series being very simple. On Whey DNA’s menu the brand have confirmed just three flavors for now, which may or may not be the supplement’s entire range with vanilla cream, milk chocolate and strawberry cream. Like it’s flavors, we also don’t know if the product’s one known 24 serving 1.8lb tub is all Whey DNA will be available in, but for now it is the only size spotted. We were told back at the Olympia that BSN are going to be launching their basic line before the year is out, which could still be the case although they do only have just under six weeks left.

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