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ErgoGenix BCAA ErgoChain finally launches four months after it’s first preview

ErgoGenix BCAA ErgoChain finally launches four months after it's first preview

After what has been an extremely long and painful wait for the latest from ErgoGenix. The brand have now finally released their electrolyte and 2:1:1 BCAA supplement ErgoChain, which was believe it or not first previewed all the way back in July. Despite the more than four month build up, the new ErgoGenix product has launched just as the brand promised, exclusively at The popular online store is currently the place to go to purchase the supplement in either of it’s four previously previewed flavors mojito, orange peach, pineapple mango and watermelon. The price ErgoGenix have put on the item is pretty competitive at $19.99 for 30 5g BCAA servings. If for whatever reason it seems like a bit too much of a commitment, like the brand’s other 2014 release ErgoBlast, there is a 10 serving trial size available in all four flavors. The cost on the 66% less bottle is $8.99, and while it is cheaper and will see you spending less money overall, you will be paying around 35% more per serving.

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