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Flavor number two confirmed for EST Nutrition’s upcoming Myo Pep

Flavor number two confirmed for EST Nutrition's upcoming Myo Pep

EST Nutrition are indeed doing a great job teasing the coming of their many new supplements, with today bringing a bit more news on one of those products. The more recently revealed peptide formula Myo Pep was originally confirmed with a number of highlights, and just the one flavor. The unique taste EST previewed the supplement in was white chocolate peanut butter, definitely not your usual recipe for any product. The latest information from the brand is Myo Pep’s second flavor, one that is a little more common with chocolate gelato. As unexciting as taste number two for the supplement is, our follow up EST update on Myo Pep should definitely be a little more interesting. The brand have said that their next step is going to be the release of the product’s facts panel, which will finally give us a look at what EST are using in their magical little Myo Pep. Those following along will remember that this is also the one that we actually have a rough idea on release, with the supplement due to arrive sometime next month.

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