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More colors on the way for Fitmark’s latest and greatest meal bag the Shield

More colors on the way for Fitmark's latest and greatest meal bag the Shield

Fitmark’s ultimate meal management solution the Shield, which once we finally saw it up close at the Olympia is indeed their greatest innovation to date. Must be doing quite well or at least getting quite a bit of attention. While the Shield and it’s larger version the Shield LG, were not short on colors when launched with six to choose from, black, red, lavender, pink, gray and camouflage. Fitmark have been teasing a few more options for the three and five meal bags. The innovative brand have shown off the colorful mix of green with yellow zips and a blue strap, and the slightly more American combination of blue with white zips and a red strap as seen above. The latter hasn’t been given any kind of date just the rough time frame of coming soon. The green and yellow Shield however is being teased as an exclusive for someone or some period of time, and is said to arrive this month. If you are like us and were thinking the latest and greatest from Fitmark would make an ideal Christmas present for yourself or another, you may want to hold off as more options are most definitely on the way.

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