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More colorways coming this Saturday for Fitmark’s Shields

More colorways coming this Saturday for Fitmark's Shields

Over the weekend we talked about two new colorways Fitmark have coming for their top of the line meal management bag the Shield. The variants were green with yellow zips and a blue strap, and blue with white zips and a red strap. Following on from that, word is the incredibly innovative brand are going to be releasing those on November 15th, which is of course this Saturday. It also turns out Fitmark are going to have multiple new colorways available for both the Shield and the larger Shield LG. Whether that means just the two prevewed or a couple more, they haven’t exactly said yet, although if you’re as interested as us you’ll tune in either way. The other exciting point would be that Fitmark could be launching the Shields with a sale, something we have seen the brand do in the past. You could alternatively wait a little over two weeks for Cyber Weekend, a time where everyone massively discounts and even we’re keeping our money for.

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