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Focus confirmed alongside pump for iSatori’s upcoming product #2

Focus confirmed alongside pump for iSatori's upcoming product #2

As we move closer and closer to that promised 2015 launch date of January 5th, iSatori continue to release more and more clues as to what the two coming soon supplements are. Last time we checked in the formula code named product #2 had one of it’s effects confirmed, the pre-workout linked pump. Images from iSatori insiders surfaced promoting the hashtag #plasmapump, with visuals to back it up. The feature immediately put us back on to the idea of the supplement being a pre-workout of some sort, even if it were just a dedicated pump pre-workout. The latest bits of information that have come in further confirm the pump for product #2, as well as highlight a secondary effect with on point focus. If that is indeed a major or sideline feature of the supplement, we can’t help but lean even more towards a full blown workout. While we’re still short on details for product #1, we feel iSatori have almost wrapped up the mystery of #2. If the formula does in fact turn out to be a pre-workout, the brand will definitely have trouble following through on their promise of changing the industry. Especially with today’s extremely fierce level of competition in the category

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