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Flavored Lean Body Fat Burner Labrada’s next alternatively branded release

Flavored Lean Body Fat Burner Labrada's next alternatively branded release

Joining Labrada Nutrition’s recently released pre-workout the performance enhancer PE1, and the energized amino formula Amino Thrust, comes a supplement fans of the brand should feel like they already know. The title of the latest from Labrada is Lean Body Fat Burner, a product identical in name to the brand’s brightly colored capsule fat burner. On further inspection you can see that the new Lean Body also shares it’s formula with Labrada’s current effort, going ingredient for ingredient and dose for dose. Outside of it’s title and contents, there are two things that separate the new from the old. Firstly the Lean Body seen above does feature a very different label, as it has been dressed in the same branding as Labrada’s most recent duo PE1 and Amino Thrust. The second thing separating the two is something you can also see above with the new Lean Body being fruit punch flavored. Despite it’s cosmetic differences, it is really just a different way of taking Labrada’s Lean Body Fat Burner, with the exact same servings per bottle and price being the only unknown detail.

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