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Sour batch kids MAN’s fourth and final ISO-Amino flavor

Sour patch kids MAN's fourth and final ISO-Amino flavor

Yesterday afternoon MAN Sport’s revealed the third flavor for their upcoming amino formula ISO-Amino. The supplement’s first two tastes were confirmed earlier in the week on Monday and Tuesday with mighty melon and the Game Day variant blue bomb-sicle. The brand’s third flavor, the one we said MAN fans could have easily ended up guessing, is another option from Game Day’s menu with tigers blood. The fourth and what we now know is the final taste for ISO-Amino, today has been unveiled and was well worth the wait. Rounding out the products menu is the extremely creative effort, sour batch kids. As far as we know the sugar coated candy has never been attempted in this industry, and is definitely MAN’s most unique flavor to date. While we have yet to try it, tomorrow 1%ers are all going to get a chance. The brand will as promised be launching their insider deal, which if it’s anything like NOO Pump’s, won’t be one to miss. To get in on the offer when it arrives remember to sign up to MAN’s 1%ers club, and be sure to check your email tomorrow.

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