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Four clues for Marc Lobliner’s 8th MTS Nutrition Machine Whey

Four clues for Marc Lobliner's 8th MTS Nutrition Machine Whey

Today we have a slightly different teaser for Marc Lobliner’s upcoming release, which we have been told by the man himself is indeed a new taste for MTS Nutrition’s Machine Whey. The flavor that is going to make it eight for our first Protein War’s runner-up is still expected to be available for purchase next week, but is due to be unveiled here on Stack3d tomorrow. Until then we are going to leave everyone with a handful of clues. First the title of the taste is technically made up of five words, four of which can already be found on Machine Whey’s menu. The flavor is going to be an entirely new taste for MTS fans, although does make use of a current option. As you can see in the above teaser and in Lobliner’s previous images, there are about four colors being used, with one of them having nothing to do with what is on the way. Our fourth and final clue is that the part of Machine Whey’s eighth that makes it a new flavor, has been used before. The combination however that Marc has created with that taste from what we know hasn’t been done. As mentioned be sure tune in tomorrow for the announcement, and definitely get excited for another great addition to MTS Nutrition’s Machine Whey.

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