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P28 Food’s new High Protein Pancake Dry Mix less than $10 in stores

P28 Food's new High Protein Pancake Dry Mix less than $10 in stores

If you were holding off buying your P28 formulated High Protein Pancake Dry Mix due to the price of the product direct, you’ll be happy that you waited. The latest from the makers of the P28 High Protein Bread originally launched their Pancake Dry Mix through their website for $12.99 per can, or $11.99 if you invested in six cans. The unique P28 number has now shown up outside of the brand’s own store, for even less than the bulk buy cost of Pancake Dry Mix. The store currently stocking the item is none other than Supplement Central, who have both flavors white chocolate and buttermilk buckwheat for $9.95 each. For those wanting exact numbers that is three bucks cheaper than P28’s individual price cost, and two cheaper than their six can deal. No doubt more stores will start showing up with the latest from the brand or already have it, with Supplement Central’s launch just showing you what you can expect to pay in stores.

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