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1140 calorie Advanced Mass likely to be PhD Nutrition’s something huge

1140 calorie Advanced Mass likely to be PhD Nutrition's something huge

On Monday PhD Nutrition released a teaser of a supplement that they promised is going to be ‘huge’. Nothing outside of the one line and ground cracking image was uploaded, however it seems we were on the right track with the idea of an entirely new mass gainer. Details on a product called Advanced Mass have surfaced, and while PhD have not confirmed the connection, the supplement definitely fits the description. The weight gainer tips the scales at a massive 300g per serving listing 51.9g of protein, 193.8g of carbohydrates (5.7g sugar), 15.9g of fat (2.7g saturated) with 1140 calories. There are a few additional highlights for the product with 5g of creatine monohydrate, 6g flaxseed, 6g MCT oil, 4.35g each of taurine and lysine, and 3.75g of glycine. Being a 300g serving supplement it comes as no surprise that the smallest size of PhD’s Advanced Mass is a 9 serving 2.7kg bag, just short of 6lbs, and it’s biggest an 18 serving 5.4kg bag, equaling almost 12lbs. In terms of flavors the brand have gone with a total of four in chocolate fudge, strawberries & cream, chocolate peanut butter and luxury vanilla. As PhD have yet to make the announcement, we of course have no word on launch, but are certain that Advanced Mass is the ‘huge’ new product the brand are about to unveil.

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