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Natural Body first to stock Prime Nutrition’s new Platinum Series Intra-MD

Natural Body first to stock Prime Nutrition´╗┐'s new Platinum Series Intra-MD

If you missed out on Prime Nutrition’s pre-order launch of their first Platinum Series supplement, Intra-MD is now making it’s way out to stores. One of the brand’s stockists has actually already shown up with the product, a place that recently has been quite good at getting supplements online first. The retailer is Natural Body Inc. who now have Intra-MD in it’s one 30 serving flavor orange carnage for $49.99. If you were one of those dedicated fans that took advantage of Prime’s introductory offer, you’re probably thinking $50 isn’t that great. While the brand’s direct price was $59.99, followers were given a 20% off discount code dropping Intra-MD down to $47.99. That cost per tub can technically be matched and beaten by Natural Body, although only if you purchase two tubs at $47.99 each or three at $44.99. Of course not everyone may be looking for more than a single Intra-MD or have friends that want to jump in on the deal. But keep in mind Natural Body is just the first to stock the Prime Platinum product, so there is the chance it could turn up somewhere else for a little bit less.

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