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Marc Lobliner’s 9th MTS formula promised to be a game changer

Marc Lobliner's 9th MTS formula promised to be a game changer

It seems it is now Marc Lobliner’s turn to tease something new, with what is going to be MTS Nutrition’s ninth supplement. So far the product has only been previewed sitting behind a cracked wall, showing only that the formula is going to MTS branded. While that doesn’t really give us any indication at all as to what kind of supplement we’re in for. Lobliner has given a slightly more interesting one liner ”soon the game will change forever’. The game changing claim is something almost every brand has made at some point in time, although coming from someone like Marc it does make you wonder. At the moment the owner of MTS does have basically every category covered, with nothing major untapped. In saying that, the upcoming product could easily be the brand’s first sequel supplement seeing them reenter one of the popular areas they’re already in. We are only just speculating at this point as the line and image haven’t given us much of anything. We will however be getting answers next week when Marc promises to launch his latest exclusively through Tiger Fitness.

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