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Early thoughts on Prime’s Intra-MD and details on grape titan launch

Early thoughts on Prime's Intra-MD and details on grape titan launch

As we near the launch of Prime Nutrition’s second Platinum Series supplement, the pre-workout Max-HP set to hit The brand did announce earlier this week that they have another flavor for their first Platinum product Intra-MD on the way, with orange carnage being joined by grape titan. We’ve now got an update on that menu addition for Prime’s much talked about Intra-MD, as well as our own news on the supplement. Word is fans will be able to get their hands on that second taste a little after Christmas, with hopes that Prime put together yet another awesome release. When Intra-MD first hit, the brand launched it direct with a solid discount dropping it to the same price some retailers currently have it at. As for our own news, we of course had to purchase a tub of the Prime product and have now been running it for a week or two. Without spoiling it too much we can tell you this is something special. While brand’s always promote supplements as being one of a kind or game changing, we’d have to say Prime are spot on with their one of a kind claim. Hopefully our review does get here before grape titan, as it will definitely give you more reason to want to get in on the new Intra-MD, especially if it comes with an introductory offer.

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